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Welcome to the Downloads section! You are free to use the following resources in your own work, however you see fit, to help people around you understand how lives were changed in the aftermath of the Great War.

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Workshop Descriptions

Willow Farm, Westdale and Netherfield Workshop Plan

Arnold Hill Workshop Plan

Ernehale Workshop Plan

Colonel Frank Seely Workshops Plan

Carlton Junior School Workshop Plan

Carlton Digby Workshop Plan (Drama)

Carlton Digby Workshop Plan (Dance)

'Dear Lucy...' Script

'Dear Lucy...' Play Structure

'Dear Lucy' FringeReview Review

'Dear Lucy' Everything Theatre Review

'Dear Lucy' British Theatre Guide Review

'Dear Lucy' Audience Reviews

John Amoore - Dear Lucy Thoughts

'Dear Lucy...' Rehearsal Schedule

Movement Section Song Ideas

Dilemma Song Lyrics

Summer Course Performance

Summer Course Script

Summer Course Timetable





Alvin's Letter

Oliver's Letter

Bob's Letters

Bank Letter 1

Bank Letter 2

Bank Letter 3


Feedback from Summer Course

Stimulus: Gender Expectations After WWI

Stimulus: Singled Out - Surplus Women

Presentation Event Notes